2019 Agenda

As always, we will curate a diverse mix of topics including Design Thinking in Business and Design Thinking applied in institutions, governments, and for social impact. As per our community’s feedback from past years, we will create more opportunities for further discussions and synthesis based on the stories of our presenters.

Beside the topics above, we are introducing a few timely themes for deep dive this year: Trust, Transparency, Biases and Ethics, which will hopefully provoke rich discussions and plenty of food for thoughts. Look out for more details here as we get closer to the event!

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2016 Agenda


INSIGHTS from 2016

Some of the greatest design thinkers from around the world came together to brainstorm several HMW questions. Read on to find out more!


Session 1: At work

  1. How might we drive active dialog about Design Thinking in the work place?

  2. How might we more effectively measure the business impact of Design Thinking? Short-term and long-term?

  3. How might we leverage Design Thinking in unconventional ways in business? People? Process? Product?

Session 2: Make it Stick

  1. How might we attain executive buy-in and support for Design Thinking?

  2. How might we build awareness of and integrate Design Thinking into company culture?

  3. How might we weave Design Thinking into Asian culture and processes?

Session 3: Education

  1. How might we maximize cross-pollination of experiences and experiments in teaching Design Thinking?

  2. How might we make intro-level workshops immediately applicable for participants in K-12? University? Executives?

  3. How might we connect Design Thinking students to resources and opportunities to grow their skills?

Session 4: The Future

  1. How might we encourage government and institutions to join the Design Thinking movement?

  2. How might we encourage the public to engage with Design Thinking?

  3. How might we continue to support and work with each other as we develop Design Thinking in Asia?